“But Back in the Day… It was Impossible for a Man to Make Breakfast”

I’ve already made a few posts regarding my observations on the experiences of women in rural Morocco, but I’ve come to the conclusion that it might serve me to take a break from writing second-hand analyses of their situation. Instead, I want to let their own words take center stage. Here is my first interview, hopefully there will be more to come. 

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The WHY in Teaching Women English

So it finally happened: I’ve pissed off people in my town. Was it the typical faux pas that Peace Corps Volunteers commit? Did I sleep with a local or smoke a cigarette? Nope. I tried to get women to come to my English classes.

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The Golden Hours

I learned pretty quickly that “What are you doing today?”, my standard conversation starter, doesn’t start much of conversation here. When I ask women in my town about their day-to-day plans, there is a sense of confusion and perhaps embarassment. “What am I doing today?” they might say, “The same thing as yesterday and the day before that. The same thing as always.” And then I have to come up with a new topic.

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