So You’re Coming to Morocco?

Marhaba Bikum! Welcome!

While tourism is dwindling in other Arab-majority countries, such as Lebanon and Egypt, many are coming to discover the unique culture and beauty of Morocco. It’s seriously so neat. For people who enjoy physical activities, Morroco’s varied terrain is perfect for hiking, camel trekking, skiing, as well as surfing. For those who enjoy history and culture, the thousand-year-old cities are full of relics from the Almoravids in the twelfth century, to the French in the twentieth century. History is preserved in the ornate mosques and universities, as well as in the traditional handicrafts sold in the streets. And then of course, there’s the mint tea, couscous, tagine, and that famous Moroccan hospitality. Morocco has something for everybody.  Continue reading “So You’re Coming to Morocco?”


To Fast or Not to Fast: The Dilemma

While the average American probably saw one or two Facebook posts about Ramadan, and has forgotten about the whole thing, my feed has been crammed with pictures of lfturs (the meal that breaks the fast at sundown) and inspirational first-time fasting reflections by non-Muslim Peace Corps Volunteers. From the looks of Facebook, many Peace Corps Volunteers in Morocco are withholding food and sometimes even water from sunup to sundown. However, when I call up my friends who haven’t had much of a recent Facebook presence, I hear about them sneaking sips of water on public transportation or closing their windows before eating any food. All of us seem to have strong opinions about whether fasting is the best choice for volunteers and I am certainly not an exception. But for the sake of parity, let’s talk about things from both sides. 

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