25 Things I’ve Learned So Far

So if my last post didn’t give away how privileged my life has been, this will certainly do the trick. Here are 25 things I’ve learned so far in Morocco.

1) Henna makes for really good nailpolish

2) Tucking in your shirt is a great way to avoid flea bites

3) In Darija (Moroccan Arabic), you have two ways to say that you farted, one if it’s a silent fart and one if it makes noise

4) Waterbottles with sucky straws are very popular with four year old boys

5) Don’t watch an American romance movie with a Moroccan unless you want to hear about honor killings

6) Dates eaten in even numbers turn into sugar, dates eaten in odd numbers turn into energy

7) My name in Darija means both the phrase ‘to me’ and the letter I

8) Washing your face twice a day is less appealing when it’s winter and you don’t have heated water

9) Most Moroccans with my level of education would be competent in at least three languages

10) Babies are a great way to break awkward tension

11) Most Moroccans don’t consider Morocco as part of Africa

12) Hammams are a cool and fun place to scrub a stranger’s back

13) The most erotic thing on TV here are the Bollywood dance scenes

14) Drinking tea with neighbors counts as work according to Peace Corps standards (so does blogging!!)

15) Don’t try to buy food between 1-3 PM, everyone will be either eating or napping

16) It’s very easy to become a Pide Piper amongst village children – use your power wisely

17) Living without a mirror is wonderful, except when you want to inspect your acne

18) Squatty Pottys are where it’s at

19) In Darija, the word for girl and virgin are the same

20) All foreigners here are French until proven otherwise

21) The winter is the best time to grow out short hair because no one will see the awkward growth phases under my hat

22) Moroccans need a visa to visit France, but the reverse isn’t true

23) Friendships based off hand gestures and mild grunting can be just as strong as the rest

24) Plastic bags were outlawed for shop owners to support the environment, but now there’s an underground plastic bag trade

25) Nothing is more exciting than the bucket of hot water on bath day


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